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High Trust CSGO accounts

CSGO High Trust Factor accounts are those accounts that hold a green trust factor. Trust Factor is a strategy that helps the game identify and manage those players who are distrustful of using third-party software like cheats or reported for using any third-party software. The trust factor has three levels: Red Trust Factor, Yellow Trust Factor, and Green Trust Factor; these levels help the game and other players in the lobby identify whether or not the following Player is cheating. Red trust factor level or 1st level means that the person is highly suspicious of using software to cheat the game. The Player’s competitive matchmaking matches might be submitted to overwatch evidence. Yellow Trust Factor level or 2nd level suggests that the person might or might not be using any 3rd party software, or other players in the community can falsely report him. Finally, the Green Trust Factor or 3rd level of trust factor means that the following Player is playing fair or clean and has less to no reports against him and that the community commends him for being a good player. Accounts that come with the green trust factor help the players experience matchmaking with very few hackers, meaning that they can find single to none hackers in their matchmaking experience. These things help you buy a high trust factor csgo account which will significantly help you avoid hackers. Type of CSGO accounts

The best thing is we offer a wide variety of CSGO Prime Accounts, including CSGO Gold Nova Accounts, CSGO Silver Accounts, CSGO Legendary Eagle Accounts, and many more. You can head onto our website and choose the account most appropriate for your gaming needs. 

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What are CSGO Prime Accounts?

CSGO prime account shop will give you a good start. You do not require hours to acquire that rank or those skins and weapons, and you can get one of these superb Accounts and save yourself from supporting long periods and vast loads of energy on procuring the benefits referenced earlier.

You can purchase the CS GO prime Account, your preferred position. Additionally, by getting one of these fantastic Accounts, you can avoid all the hacking you may experience in the game.

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