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Buy CSGO Service Medal Account

The best FPS Game, CSGO added a new Service Medal to the game for 2022. For an example, every year before this, the New Service Medal will be available in the New Year from January 1st. The medal can be claimed by reaching XP through playing the game.

Since the profile ranks were started in 2015, players have had access to the following medals:

  • CS:GO 2015 Service Medal

  • CS:GO 2016 Service Medal

  • CS:GO 2017 Service Medal 

  • CS:GO 2018 Service Medal

  • CS:GO 2019 Service Medal

  • CS:GO 2020 Service Medal

  • CS:GO 2021 Service Medal

  • CS:GO 2022 Service Medal (The current year’s service medal)

Whenever a player gets Level 40 – Global General rank, their rank resets, and they get the opportunity to either acquire or upgrade their service medal. The first time this will happen in 2022, the player will make the 2022 Service Medal that is grey.

As players gain more XP by playing other game methods such as Deathmatch, Competitive, Arms Race, Retakes etc., their level will grow, and each time they hit level 40, they can upgrade the CSGO Service medal Account. The first upgrade turns the grey into green, and level 3 is blue, followed by purple, pink and finally red. Buy CSGO 2022 Medal Account from Buy Prime Account Shop.