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Two Types of CSGO High hours account is available in our Store

  • 1000 Hours + CSGO Account

  • 1500 Hours + CSGO Account

CSGO is Premium Game now though it has a non-prime. Version for beginners. If you started recently, you might have seen some players who are too good in some ranks or some players who are considered hackers violate the game to play it. These people often use new accounts, increasing competition for the new players in the game. These players with CSGO High hours often act as a barrier to your gameplay and lower your chances of having proper matchmaking.

It would be best to have something additional with yourself while playing the game to ensure you get a fair chance against those high-level players. The matchmaking should not be too competitive for the players making them leave the game. CSGO accounts high hours come in place, and they not only give you the best game experience but a quality matchmaking. Check below the benefit of owning a premium CSGO account with high hours and how you can improve your gameplay with them.


Numerous websites are selling CSGO High Hour Accounts, but you cannot trust anyone blindly. We’re not asking you to trust us blindly before purchasing CSGO accounts high hours. We provide the best customer fulfillment with a lifetime warranty. Don’t believe us? Watch our previous customer reviews on our Trustpilot, which satisfies you. There are multiple reasons why you should choose us for CSGO accounts high hours over any other provider in the market.

CSGO Account with Instant Delivery:

This can be one of the important requirements while buying accounts. As soon as the payment is confirmed from the client side, our automation system automatically sends the particular account to the email address provided by you. This automation system has been designed to ensure you don’t feel confused about where to look after making the payment for your account and increases the transparency between customers and us.

24×7 Live Chat Support:

If you have any possible doubts about the type of CSGO accounts you are purchasing from us, you can contact our live support anytime. You want to ensure you get the exact account and the proper service related to your account. Please note we do not entertain any account selling requests on our website, and we only sell the accounts created by us.

Prices of Cheap CSGO Prime Account:

All the prices visible on our website will be the best according to the market. This can be analyzed after checking the quality of the accounts on our website. All these accounts are premium without any issues, which can be resolved through the live chat feature.
We believe in customer satisfaction over any other thing in the market, which is why we spend most of our time catering to the problems or queries of our customers. We have an excellent record of providing the best for our customers and helping them with all the types of problems they encounter in the accounts. After all, it’s an online service, so things are bound to happen. Get your issue resolved by contacting with our live support. We have served thousands of customers throughout the years and grown our reputation in the market.


While playing CSGO, you might have noticed the hour count in your profile which detects the number of hours you spent. The count is highly accurate, and it takes years to make the account look legit in the community. It would be best to play many official or custom games to take your account to the next level. Players even have accounts farming techniques that can be used to increase the CSGO account’s high hours increase the account value.
One of the most important features of these accounts is providing you the accurately ranked opponents in teammates in the game. When it comes to the fresh and non-prime accounts, there are a lot of controversies about players getting abrupt ranks as opponents and teammates, which can cause an imbalance in the team resulting in a loss in the game.
These accounts can range from various ranks, and CSGO accounts have high hours, depending on your budget. You can choose from the wide range of accounts available in our store to ensure your game is up to the mark.


These accounts are precious for providing you with the best matchmaking experience in a game full of so many toxic players and hackers. These accounts play a significant role in providing you with quality gameplay.
The most significant benefit of CSGO High Hours Accounts is getting a high trust factor account. How is this beneficial? This plays a significant role in finding your games. The players who are not playing the game get reported, so their trust factor in the game drops down.If you’re playing with a player who has a low trust factor, there is a high chance that you will get similar players in opponents or teammates, which is not ideal and will ruin your game. The same goes for your account in the game.
To make sure you’re matched with players with a high trust factor in the game, you need to have an account with a good trust factor. CSGO High Hours Accounts are boosted by professionals, which increases their trust factor in the game and makes your gameplay the best.

The most significant benefit of having a high-hours CSGO account is boasting in the lobby. This makes you superior in the lobby, and it will help you lead in the lobby among other players. When people visit your profile, they will be inclined to follow you in-game, making you the hero of the game. The rest is up to you how you can lead them to victory.